Repair Damaged MOV File Easily

  • Effectively repair damaged MOV video file in a few simple mouse clicks
  • Simply supports MP4 video repair from all types of storage drives which can be accessed through Windows or Mac computers
  • Strong and trustworthy tool to repair MP4 and MOV files of any size
  • Most of the industry experts and professionals appreciated it as the best tool to repair corrupted MOV/MP4/M4V files
  • Provides a complete automated process to repair damaged .mov file at one go

The simplest way to hold memorable moments of your life is by recording a video. Videos play a vital role when it comes to recalling your much loved moments. Since video file is most important to everyone, most of the users prefer MOV file format to store their videos as MOV format offers various advanced features. MOV files are often unique files, which cannot be re-created once they get corrupt or damaged. However, despite being an advanced video file format, sometimes MOV video files can also get corrupt. If something like this drastic situation comes, most of the users think about how come a small blunder make them lose their favorite MOV video file? The situation goes more serious when the user realizes he doesn’t have suitable backup of corrupted MOV file. So assume if you are in such serious situations, what will you do? Don’t lose your hope!!! You can easily repair damaged MOV file using various tools. However, when it comes to restoring damaged MOV movies, Repair Damaged MOV File is the finest tool in the world.

Prior to knowing how to repair damaged MOV file, let us discuss some common scenarios where most of the users come across corruption of MOV files, which may also help us to avoid this kind of circumstance.

  • Sometimes while playing MOV video, if suddenly your computer shuts down abruptly due to power outage then there may be chances of MOV file corruption. In case if you don’t have backup to overcome the loss then you will have to give up your favorite MOV video file.
  • Repeated conversion of MOV file to other format may lead the MOV file to corruption. And the anticipated video player cannot play such corrupted MOV files results in severe corruption of MOV file in which you need to repair damaged mov file due to its corruption.
  • The header of MOV file contains information like date of MOV file creation; file size, last modification date of MOV file etc. The header of MOV file can be damaged or corrupted when you suddenly turn off the computer while plying MOV video file.
  • Sometimes the camcorder contains faulty firmware. In case if you record MOV video using such infected device, you might get corrupted MOV file as output and intended video player refuses to play such broken or corrupt MOV video file.
  • If you try to play MOV file using unsupported player then there might be chances of MOV file corruption are more. So in all such cases, you can select tool to repair damaged .mov file and get rid of these issues.

Key Features of Repair Damaged MOV File software

  • Simply uses a unique and user-friendly technique to repair damaged MOV file movies of all size.
  • Comes up with automated repair process which separates video and audio streams and adjoins them to create playable MOV video file.
  • Effectively repairs MOV files which are stored on storage drives like hard drives, flash drives, external hard disks, USB drives etc.
  • Provides file preview option of repaired MOV file which helps to evaluate the efficiency of MOV file repair.
  • In case if you want to know how to mend MOV files on Windows 8 then visit here


You need to follow these steps to repair damaged MOV file

Step 1: Download and install this software on your computer then run it to repair damaged MOV file as shown in figure A.

Repair Damaged MOV File - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: You need to select a sample healthy MOV file for reference and then select damaged MOV file and click on repair option as shown in figure 2.

Fix Damaged MOV File - Select Damaged MOV File

Figure B: Select Damaged MOV File

Step 3: You can save the repaired MOV file on any location as shown in below figure C.

Restore Damaged MOV File - Save Repaired MOV File

Figure C: Save Repaired MOV File

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