Repair Broken QuickTime MOV Files

Want to fix QuickTime MOV files which are broken?

QuickTime is a multimedia application developed by Apple Inc to for accessing and playing media files. Basically it’s default file type that it supports is .MOV. At starting it was available for playing MOV files on Mac computers but now you can utilize this amazing media player on Windows computers also to play MOV files. Definitely this QuickTime media player is regarded as one of the best media player to play media files but still there are number of users who are experiencing issues while trying to play MOV files on it and left with broken file. If you are one of them and want to know how to repair broken MOV file which are not playing on QuickTime, read this article carefully. Here you get simple solution to repair broken QuickTime MOV files. You can make it easy to repair broken MOV files by employing an efficient MOV file repair tool.

Be careful and avoid repeating following mistakes!

Most of users are habitual of performing few common mistakes time to time and get their favorite MOV files broken or unplayable. Below we have described some rough actions that users make while dealing with MOV videos and left with broken file. Go through each one by one:

  • When you are downloading or uploading MOV file, make sure about healthy and fast internet connectivity because due to network failure or any other reason if downloading is incomplete or interrupted, it will result in broken file that cannot be played on QuickTime media player. You can refer this link to know how to fix MOV files that not playing on QuickTime.
  • Header is an integral part of any file that is attributed to provide essential information related to file size, date of file creation, last update or modification time etc which is required by OS to play that file. If MOV file header is corrupted or damaged, it will refuse to play on QuikTime media player. However, you can use this advanced software to repair corrupt video file on GoPro camera with ease. For more detailed information, click here
  • Sudden power failure or QuickTime player crash when MOV file is playing, could also render broken or damaged file. Now you will have to fix damaged MOV video files if you want these files playable.
  • If user modifies MOV file extension to make it compatible with other media players, it may result in broken file. As this of coruption happen, whenever you try making use of MOV fiel an error message is shown like 2048 error. To know more about it click here:

Get an easy solution to repair QuickTime MOV files!

Repair Damaged MOV File software is one of the most recommended utility to repair broken QuickTime MOV files. It is very user-friendly and highly capable to fix MOV videos, which are corrupted, unreadable, truncated, broken or damaged. It offers easy and risk free file repairing operation to fix MOV files are broken or damaged due to interrupted file transfer, header corruption, faulty firmware problem of camcorders and other issues. With it’s intuitive GUI, this app facilitates fastest MOV file repairing operation on Mac OS X and Windows computers. Click on and know how to fix camcorder MOV files.

Steps to fix broken QuickTime MOV files:

Step 1: First, download & install this repair tool on your system. Launch main window to repair broken QuickTime MOV files. First, select a healthy MOV file and a corrupted MOV file on main window. Now, click on "Repair" button.

Repair Broken QuickTime MOV Files - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

Step 2: Here, you can see a window showing repair operation as shown in figure 2.

Fix Broken QuickTime MOV Files - Repair Process

Figure 2: Repair Process

Step 3: After repairing is done, you can review fixed QuickTime MOV file using "Preview" button.

How to Repair Broken MOV Files - Preview Fixed MOV File

Figure 3: Preview Fixed MOV File