How to Repair Damaged MOV Video Files

Best Tool to Fix Damaged or Corrupt MOV Files

Among different types of video format, .MOV is used in several electronic gadgets to store videos. Apple Inc mainly develops this format for QuickTime media player on Mac OS and it is a special type of video file format that can store audio and video tracks independently. Now, it is being used in different operating system and supports most of the media players. In some instances, your important MOV file may refuse to open after damage or corruption. There are so many reasons for which the movie file cannot be opened. It may be incomplete download of MOV file, abrupt closing of system when the video file is being played etc. If you end up with such corruption due to any reason, you must try to repair damaged MOV video files as soon as possible. For simple & secure repair of damaged movie file, you need Repair Damaged MOV File software.

This application is very smart to fix severely damaged MOV file in few minutes. It is designed with automated repair process that can repair audio and video stream separately and then adjoins them to make a healthy video file. This process becomes very effective when MOV file delivers only sound but no video. Follow this link to fix that MOV file in simple steps: You can employ this efficient repair tool irrespective of the reason of damage. Some common circumstances when your MOV file may be damaged are:

Damage in MOV Header: Header of MOV file is corrupted due to mishandling of MOV file. Improper file compression, repeated attempt to open MOV video with incompatible media player, frequent change in file extension, virus infection are the main cause of header corruption. Next to that, you cannot open that damaged video. Moreover, simply employ this ultimate tool to repair video file corrupt due to header file corruption on GoPro camera with ease. To know more details, click here

Incomplete Download: Your favorite movie file may also be damaged after incomplete download. During downloading of MOV video, if interruptions occur frequently due to any reason, it can be damaged and unplayable. Then, to open that unplayable MOV file, visit:

Bad Sector on the Disk: If you store MOV video on bad sector of the disk, the file will be damaged and refused to open. However, it is not impossible to repair damaged MOV video files after damage using this efficient program.

Incomplete Recovery: Occasionally, we delete our important video unintentionally and try to restore them at any cost. If you employ an ordinary utility for recovery, there is a good chance of corruption after recovery. Most of the easily available tools fail to offer healthy video after recovery. If such situation occurs with you, you can employ this tool to repair damaged MOV video files.

No need to worry if your important MOV file is damaged, just use this Repair Damaged MOV File and make it playable in few minutes. Besides damaged MOV file repair, you can also employ this tool to repair corrupted MP4 file easily. It is an advanced tool designed with easy user interface so that a non-technical person can use it. It is very secure because it does not hamper the source file during repair, extract and stores information in a new healthy file. Even, if your damaged MOV file is password protected, then follow this link for quick repair:

Steps to Repair Damaged MOV Video Files:

Step 1: Download & install this software on you system and launch it. Next, you have to select a heathy MOV video and a damaged video file in appropriate location and then click on "Repair" button from main window.

How to Repair Damaged MOV Video Files - Main Window

Fig 1: Main Window

Step 2: When your damaged MOV video will be repaired, you can view it using "Preview" button.

Repair Corrupted MOV File - Preview Repaired Video

Fig 2: Preview Repaired Video

Step 3: At last, you can save the MOV video file in the preferred location as shown in the figure below.

Fix Damaged Video Files - Save Repaired MOV Video

Fig 3: Save Repaired MOV Video