How to Repair Damaged MP4 Video Files

Best solution to play damaged MP4 videos!

MP4 file format is preferred for delivering high quality videos. Since MP4 video file requires large memory storage space according to compression, it is extremely vulnerable to various corruption issues as it takes larger sections on hard drive or any other storage drive. Sometimes, media player fails to play video and audio streams of MP4 video file. Such unexpected scenario comes into picture when file is damaged or corrupted. If you are experiencing such drastic situation getting error while trying to play MP4 file, take a look on this information and learn how to repair damaged MP4 video files in few basic steps. Once you launch Repair Damaged MOV File application on your system, fixing of MP4 videos goes very easy.This software easily repair recovered video files on Mac of different file formats such MP4, MOV, AVI, 3GP, etc.

Prior to talk about how to repair damaged MP4 video file, it would be a good decision to know circumstances where MP4 videos may get damage. Some of commonly observed factors regarding MP4 file damage are mentioned below, just have a look over these points:

  • When the file system of your system gets corrupt because of various reasons, it becomes fail to process information and play files. After such case, while fixing corrupted file system, your MP4 videos files might get damaged due to some file distraction and then user needs to repair damaged MP4 video files.
  • MP4 video files may get damaged if these are saved on storage drive that is severely corrupted of viruses. These active programs are efficient in damaging internal structure of file and render corrupted file.
  • Header is an integral part of any file and it stores necessary information like size, name, date of modification or creation, file location etc. It is also utilized by OS to play file while launching it. Header of MP4 video file can be corrupted because of viruses, improper compression or some unknown errors. Due to damaged header, MP4 video file will not play but if you know how to repair damaged MP4 video files header, you can make it healthy again. User can go through the link to know about fixing file header.
  • Sometimes, MP4 videos may become damage if it recorded with a faulty camcorder. Often it happens due to firmware corruption. However you can make use of software to repair damaged MP4 file with ease.

MP4 video file may have a great importance for you but in case of such unexpected calamities you cannot play file. It is always suggested by professionals to have copy of valuable videos on some other storage drive as backup but most of the users forget this fact and experience this unwanted problem. Fortunately, technology gives them a chance to repair damaged MP4 video files. Repair Damaged MOV file application is a smart file repair application which offers safe and secure repairing of MOV videos on Windows and Mac devices. This tool is equipped with an inbuilt automatic repair technology which separates audio and video streams to fix issues and reconnects them to generate meaningful playable MP4 video file. It comes with user friendly GUI where user get complete guidance to repair damage MP4 video files. Also you can utilize this app to fix truncated MOV file. For more detail, visit at

Simple steps to fix damaged MP4 videos:

Step 1: Run this software to launch main screen on computer. Select a healthy MP4 file for referrence and damaged MP4 video file on the main screen. Now click on "Repair" tab.

How to Repair Damaged MP4 Video Files - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: After video file is successfully repaired, you canhave preview it using preview option.

How to Repair Damaged MP4 Video Files - Preview MP4 File

Fig 2: Preview MP4 File

Step 3: You have an option to save repaired MP4 file on your selected location as shown in below figure.

How to Repair Damaged MP4 Video Files - Save Fixed MP4 Video

Fig 3: Save Fixed MP4 Video