Repair MOV File Header

Smart approach to fix MOV header!

Header is a very crucial part of any file that is used by operating system and other programs to access information contained in that file. If this header part is damaged or corrupted, you will not be able to open that file. When it’s about MOV file, definitely it is going to be a serious and interesting topic for users who are missing such crucial MOV videos and movies. Let read this article and explore you knowledge in knowing how to repair MOV file header.

There are certain scenarios where you may encounter MOV file inaccessible with error message indicating header is corrupted. It is important for users to be updated about possible factors that may cause a MOV file header damaged so that they can escape from such crisis in future. After a great research, we have found some frequent reasons that are concerned for leaving bad MOV file with damaged header and then you need a prominent solution to fix bad MOV file. Few reasons are listed below:

  • Formation of bad sector on a drive where you have saved MOV files is a concern for corrupted file header.
  • Abnormal termination of QuickTime media player or sudden power failure resulting in unexpected shutdown of system while the MOV file is being operated.
  • Often we download MOV files from internet or when receive it via email message. Incomplete download after any interruption could result in header corruption and we left with inaccessible MOV file.
  • Media player incompatibility often results in damaged header when we try to play MOV file with incompatible media player or attempt to change file extension.
  • After QuickTime media player is crashed, you left with unplayable MOV file and then you need a MOV file fixer tool to fix unplayable MOV videos.
  • Viruses or malwares are also equally responsible for corrupting MOV file.

In spite of above stated reasons for MOV header corruption, you are empowered with many applications that are capable of fixing MOV header to make them playable. You can try with downloading an efficient tool and then you don’t have to wait for watching your favorite MOV videos and movies. Refer this link to get complete guidance to repair MOV file that is unreadable after header corruption or other reasons.

If you are in search of a proficient MOV fixer to make this process securely and easily, give a try to Repair Damaged MOV File program. It is enabled with advanced repair technology to fix damaged, corrupted, inaccessible, truncated or unplayable MOV video and movie files. It supports repairing of large size MOV and MP4 videos that are produced by a range of professional camcorders such as Canon, Samsung, Sony, Nikon, Fujifilm and many others.  Click on to know how to repair MOV file header on Mac OS X running PC and laptop.

Note: Click on to know how to fix no sound error on MOV file and make it audible again.

Steps to repair MOV file header:

Step 1: Install this app on your system and launch it. From main window, choose a heaithy MOV file and the corrupted MOV file and click on "Repair" button.

Repair MOV File Header - Main Window

Fig 1: Main Window

Step 2: After the MOV file is repaired, you can have preview of the file to evaluate degree of successful repair process.

Fixing MOV File Header - View Fixed MOV

Fig 2: View Fixed MOV

Step 3: Finally, save repaired MOV file in your preferred location on hard drive or any other removable drive.

Fix MOV File Header - Save Fixed MOV File

Fig 3: Save Fixed MOV File