How to Fix a Bad MOV File?

  • A well-featured tool for effective repair of the bad MOV videos
  • Also supports also other video file formats (AVI, FLV, WMP, MKV, DivX, etc.)
  • Integrates strong algorithm for quick and safe repair
  • Runs on all existing editions of Mac and Windows

Efficient Application to Fix Bad MOV Video

MOV file is a well-known format of video file mainly used in Mac machines. Now, this video format is not limited on Mac, it is extensively used in other operating systems also because of its ease of share and file transfer process. MOV file is also used to store video recordings on different digital camera and camcorders. With regular use of MOV video, occasionally you may face some drastic situation when the file becomes bad and you cannot play it. Then, most of the users think about how to fix a bad MOV file. In today’s life, you can easily mend your favorite MOV video employing a suitable third-party application. Repair Damaged MOV File software is an amazing tool designed with a smart repair technique to fix bad MOV file with ease. Though there are plenty of reasons behind the corruption of .mov video, no need to worry, you can utilize this only tool to repair it easily. Few universal scenarios that can make your MOV files corrupted are mentioned below:

MOV File Header Corruption: A MOV video can be damaged if the header of the file is corrupted. The header of any file contains important information like size, location, date of creation of the file and it is used when you want to open it. If it is corrupted due to any reason, you cannot access the file anymore. The header of MOV can be corrupted due to an improper termination of QuickTime player, incomplete conversion of the file etc. It can also result because of improper finalization of MOV video in your camera or camcorder. But, you can easily fix bad MOV file on camcorder using this link:

Incomplete File Transfer: MOV video can easily be damaged if any interruption occurs in the file transfer process. Because of failures in file transfer due to a power outage, system shut down etc some error occurs in a bit pattern or file structure. Even, when you are downloading any MOV video from the internet, you may end up with a broken video file after the internet failure or some other issues. As a result, you cannot open that broken video and lose your data. If you want to fix a bad MOV file you can prefer this program to get a better outcome.

Storage Media Corruption: You may also lose your important MOV file due to the presence of the bad sector on the storage media. If the storage area where the video is saved is gone bad, that movie file will not play. In that case, you can make use of the Repair Damaged MOV File utility to fix a bad MOV file with ease. Apart from that, if your important video is a broken after incomplete recovery, different QuickTime error etc, use this prominent tool immediately. If you wish to know more about the corruption issues in respect of the video then, click on this URL:

This application provides numerous useful features to repair damaged MOV file. It will be useful on all major versions of Windows and Mac computer in video file repair. As this software is compatible over Mac operating systems, you can make use of this tool to repair corrupted iMovie video file from iMovie library on your Mac OS X system. You can use this tool to fix corrupted, damaged and broken MOV video in any reason.   Apart from MOV file, if you want to repair MP4 video file you can utilize this software confidently. To know more about MP4 file repair, follow this link:


Follow the steps to Fix Bad MOV File:

Step 1: First install this application on your computer and run it to open the main screen. In this window, you have to select a healthy MOV file and the bad MOV file in the appropriate place. Next, click on "Repair" button to start this process.

How to Fix a Bad MOV File - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: When the bad MOV file will be successfully repaired, you can preview it in this step.

Fix Damaged MOV File - Preview MOV File

Fig 2: Preview MOV File

Step 3: To save the MOV file, you can choose the required location in this step as shown in the below figure.

Mend Corrupted MOV Videos - Save Repaired MOV File

Fig 3: Save Repaired MOV File