Damaged MP4 Video File Repair

Tool to fix damaged or corrupt MP4 file

Since MP4 files are known for delivering high clarity video and audio output, it accumulates quite large memory storage space depending upon its compression. It’s well-known fact that large MP4 files are highly vulnerable to corruption as they take up larger sections on the storage drive. Nonetheless, sometimes the MP4 player fails to play audio and video stream of a MP4 file simultaneously. Most often it happens due to corruption of MP4 file. In such drastic cases, you are definitely in a fix and it will lift your nervousness when you come to know that backup of MP4 file is not found. In all such drastic situations, only a professional MP4 repair tool can help you to fix damaged MP4 video. Repair Damaged MOV File is a one such powerful and consistent tool which repairs all types of MP4 files.

This tool is the most popular video file repair application especially developed for Windows and Macintosh users to fix damaged MP4 video. This tool has an inbuilt automatic repair option which separates both audio and video streams and connects them to produce a playable MP4 file. Most of the industry experts certified this non-destructive tool as 100% virus free. The ultimate feature of this software is its highly trained technical support team. The support team provides complete resolution to your doubts which you face during MP4 file repair process.

Sometimes while recording MP4 videos using the camera or camcorder, if the recording device contains faulty software then there may be probabilities of MP4 file corruption are more. Besides software defects, the instances like virus infection, recording video while camera is on low battery, file system corruption, sudden system shutdown while transferring MP4 files, virus infection, file system corruption etc may also results in corruption of MP4 files.

In order to avoid damage or corruption of MP4 video files, you need to make use of legitimate backup of MP4 videos. It’s strongly recommended to store all your backup files on external storage drives like CD, DVD, USB drives etc. Moreover, make sure that you have installed an effective and updated antivirus program to avoid infection of virus on MP 4 videos.

Along with MP4 files, it facilitates to you to repair damaged movie files. Using this tool you can fix damaged MP4 video which are not playable at QuickTime player. One can also utilize this tool to repair damaged P4 video files on all versions of Windows OS including Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows XP. If you want to know how to mend damaged mp4 video on Windows 8 then visit this link http://www.repairdamagedmovfile.com/windows-8.html. It also supports damaged MP4 file repair on different versions of Mac OS like Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion etc. This tool breaks the damaged file into stream of audio and video and repairs them separately and then adjoins them to create a playable MP4 video file. Apart from MP4 repair, this tool can also fix damaged MOV video which are created using camcorder brands like Kodak, Panasonic, Fujifilm, Olympus, Nikon etc. To know more about how to mend damaged mp4 video use this link: http://www.repairdamagedmovfile.com/broken.html.

Note: If you want to fix truncated MOV file, this software will help you in easy steps. To know complete procedure, click on www.repairdamagedmovfile.com/truncated.html

Simple steps to repair damaged MP4 video file

Step 1: After installing this software, select a healthy MP4 video file for reference and select corrupt MP4 video to repair as shown in figure A.

Mend Damaged MP4 Video - Select MP4 File

Figure A: Select MP4 File

Step 2: Once repair process finishes, you can preview MP4 video before restoring it as shown in figure B.

Fix Damaged MP4 Video - Preview MP4 File

Figure B: Preview MP4 File

Step 3: Save repaired MP4 file to any location as shown in figure C.

Repair Damaged MP4 Video - Save MP4 File

Figure C: Save MP4 File