MOV File Not Showing Video

  • An ultimate repair tool for fixing MOV file not showing the video content
  • Serves as the best fix solution for any corrupt, broken or unplayable video files
  • Fixes files by separating the video and audio streams
  • Avails MOV file repair in a quick and simple set of steps

Expert Tips to Fix Unplayable MOV File

Is your MOV file not showing video on the computer? If yes, here you will get a complete solution for this problem from the MOV repair experts. MOV file is used to store a high-quality video generally played through QuickTime media player on Mac machine. Nowadays, it is also used in Windows computer to a large extent. Sometimes, you may experience some surprising situation when QuickTime plays only audio but no video. It mainly happens when the codec used by the video file is not readable by the media player. Besides that, you can also suffer from this issue after corruption of MOV file for different reasons. But, in every case, there must be a way to fix the problem when MOV file not showing video. Repair Damaged MOV File software is recommended by a most industry expert to repair corrupted MOV file successfully.

Let us see some common reasons responsible for such unplayable MOV video:

  • MOV videos are usually turn unplayable if the header of the file is corrupted or damaged. There are plenty of reasons in which the MOV header can be damaged. After an abnormal termination of media player, improper compression/extraction, infection of viruses, bad sector on disk etc. MOV file may not show video. Then, the Repair Damaged MOV File is very helpful to fix the corrupted header of MOV. To know more, visit:
  •  MOV file may play without any video if you try to open it through different media players. A MOV video contains different audio and video codec that is a basic element of MOV file and used by the media player. If you try to open the file on several media player, the video codec can be corrupted and then MOV file not showing video. In such case, Repair Damaged MOV File utility is very efficient to repair unreadable MOV easily.
  • You may also face this problem after improper upgrade of media player or operating system. Many times, we upgrade the media player to avail the latest facilities and better quality of the video, but if the operation is not performed properly or any corruption happens, you may face this problem. Then, if you want to fix MOV with no audio, this application will be equally effective.

Apart from these reasons, if your MOV file not showing video, immediately use this smart program to fix it. Using this Repair Damaged MOV File application, you will be able to fix corrupted MP4 video also. It supports mp4v,avc1, mjpeg video codecs and RAW, sowt, mp4a audio codecs in MOV file. You can also repair MOV file which is truncated or improperly finalized on the camcorder or camera. This application offers a better outcome after every repair because it fixes audio and video streams separately and then adjoin them to produce a healthy MOV file. You can fix MOV file not showing video on different versions of Mac operating system like Lion, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra, etc. This link will help you to perform this repair operation easily:

Note: Utilize this app to fix MOV video that is not playing on Windows 7. To get complete detail, click on

Steps to repair MOV file when not showing video:

Step 1: First install this software in your computer and launch it. On the main screen, browse a healthy and the corrupted MOV file in a suitable location. Next, click on the "Repair" button, to start the repair process.

MOV File Not Showing Video - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: In this window, as shown below, you can see the progress in the repair operation.

MOV File Not Playing Video- File Repair Progress

Fig 2: File Repair Progress

Step 3: After completion of the repair operation, you can see the MOV file using the "Preview" button.

MOV File does not Show Video - Preview Repaired MOV

Fig 3: Preview the Repaired MOV