QuickTime Not Playing MOV File

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Repair MOV File that is not Playing on QuickTime

The QuickTime media player is manly developed to play a MOV file on Mac machine. But sometimes it fails to open a MOV file due to some unknown reason. You may get some uncommon errors while you are trying to play the MOV video file using QuickTime player. If that video is one of your favorites and you need it immediately, no need to worry. There is a good chance to make that MOV file playable using a suitable repair application. If your MOV file is damaged or corrupted due to any reason, QuickTime not playing MOV file. Then, you have to utilize Repair Damaged MOV File software to fix different types of corruption issues on MOV video file.

There are different instances through which your favorite MOV file can be damaged after which the video file not playing on the QuickTime player. Some of the important reasons are:

MOV Header Corruption: It is the most common reason behind the unplayable MOV file. If the header of the video file is damaged or corrupted in any reason, you will get an error message attempting to open it. The header of MOV file is mainly damaged because of abnormal termination of QuickTime player, bad sector on the disk or if you try to open the MOV file in any incompatible media player. If QuickTime not playing your important video, use the Repair Damaged MOV File tool to fix header corrupted MOV using this link: www.repairdamagedmovfile.com/header.html.

Incomplete Download: MOV file may not be playable in the QuickTime player if it is downloaded incompletely. If the downloading operation is interrupted due to any reason, QuickTime not playing MOV file and throw a download error. The interruption may occur if the Server is not responding, faulty internet connection or after the manual termination. Employ this program to repair unreadable MOV file effortlessly.

Incomplete Recovery: A MOV video may also be damaged after incomplete recovery. Sometimes, our important MOV video is deleted or lost and we recover them with an efficient recovery tool. If you use an ordinary tool for restoration, the recovered MOV file may be damaged after recovery. If QuickTime not playing MOV file, use this prominent application to repair that damaged MOV with ease.

Apart from these reasons, if you encounter a MOV file corruption situation due to any other reason. No need to panic, you can fix that MOV file efficiently, using Repair Damaged MOV File utility at one go. It will be also effective to fix corrupted or damaged MP4, M4V video file on the computer or any external storage space. It is designed with special repair engine that repairs video and audio streams separately and adjoins them to create a playable MOV video. Apart from Mac machines, you can use this repair Damaged MOV File tool to repair MOV file on Windows computers also. If you want to repair corrupted or damaged MOV file on the Windows 8 computer, follow this link: http://www.repairdamagedmovfile.com/windows-8.html.


Simple steps to fix not-playing MOV files:

Step 1: First, downloaded and install the repair tool on your computer. Then, run it and select a healthy MOV file and the corrupted MOV file on the main screen. When you click on the "Repair" button, the fixing process initiates.

QuickTime Not Playing MOV File - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Here, you can see the progress in the repair operation as shown in figure 2.

Fix Unplayable MOV File - File Repair Process

Figure 2: File Repair Process

Step 3: After repair, you can review repaired MOV using the "Preview" button.

Repair Damaged MOV File - Preview MOV File

Figure 3: Preview MOV File