Repairing MOV Files on Mac OS X

Make it easy to fix MOV files on Mac

There are many reasons where you may find your favorite videos and movie files are not behaving like before. More clearly, I am discussing about the most experienced crisis that is MOV file corruption. Obviously MOV files are the most preferable video files among Mac users but these high quality video file are easily corrupted due to human errors and other factors. So if you are also one of them and want complete guidance in repairing MOV files on Mac OS X computer, here is very important info for you, just read it know how easily you can make your MOV files healthy and playable.

Situations where you need to repair MOV files:

  • MOV file header is very important that is used by OS and other programs to perform read/write operations over the file. So if the header is damaged, MOV file will become unplayable.
  •  MOV files may be inaccessible or corrupted if these are saved over hard disk segment that are affected with bad sectors.
  • If you are not using a good downloader and you may find MOV file corrupted due to improper or incomplete download process.
  • Sometimes MOV files get damaged while transferring them over noisy network or compressing them with improper tool.
  • While editing or finalizing MOV files on camcorder, any interruption or firmware error may result in truncated MOV files.

MOV files are composed of complex structure therefore once these are corrupted you need a proficient MOV repair tool to resolve various errors and make it playable.  Here possibility of successful file repairing is completely depends on efficiency of the tool so you must be careful while selecting MOV file fixer. Repair Damaged MOV File is one such intelligent program that separates out audio and video data streams to fix them thoroughly and then adjoin those streams to produce a relevant MOV file. So with automated app, you have to make only few mouse clicks to repair damaged MOV movies and videos on Mac OS X computers.

Unique features that you get with this advanced Repair Damaged MOV File tool:

  • Most reliable tool to fix corrupted, damaged, unplayable or inaccessible MOV videos and movie files. If QuickTime is unable to open the MOV file, use this link for quick repair:
  • Helps users to fix MOV files on Mac OS X computers after the file is truncated or gets improperly finalized on camcorder.
  • Safe and effective app for fixing MOV files that are produced by a range of professional camcorders like Samsung, Sony, Nikon, Canon, Fujifilm, Panasonic etc.
  • Also facilitates users to repair corrupt or unreadable MP4 video files.
  • Easily compatible with all popular Mac OS X devices. Also supports MOV file repairing on Windows machines. Visit at to use this app in repairing MOV files on Windows 8.

Note: At any time you find your favorite MOV video is not playing, make use of this app to reapir that video file. To make this operation very easy, visit at

Steps to fix MOV File on Mac OS X:

Step 1: Instal this MOV repair tool in your Mac OS X computer and launch it. Now, choose MOV file that you want to repair and a healthy video to for referrence.

Repairing MOV Files on Mac OS X - Select File

Fig 1: Select File

Step 2: As you select "Repair" option, software will start repairing MOV files on Mac OS X computer and its progress will be shown as below figure.

Fixing MOV Files on Mac OS X - MOV Repair Process

Fig 2: MOV Repair Process

Step 3: Once repairing is done, you can preview fixed MOV file before saving.

Repair MOV Files on Mac OS X - Preview Fixed MOV File

Fig 3: Preview Fixed MOV File