Repair Truncated MOV File

Simplest Way to Repair MOV files that are Truncated?

Is your favorite MOV video truncated while editing it? Are you getting error while playing MOV file? Don’t worry; you can make it playable again after repairing it. You just need proper information to deal with truncated MOV files. Here on this informative page, you get a complete solution to repair truncated MOV file. After few simple steps, you will be able to play your favorite videos. Let us see how. First, we will know about scenarios which are accountable for truncated MOV files.

There are many instances, where MOV file may be corrupted or truncated while performing various operations on these files. Few of them commonly observed scenarios are discussed below:

  • After recording video, you may feel need of corrections to make the video perfect or according to you. MOV files often get damaged due to interruption while editing the file with any video editor tool. In such case, to fix that damaged video, visit this link:
  • Due to firmware issues or faulty firmware, MOV file could be corrupt or inaccessible.
  • MOV file could be truncated during file transfer operation. Any kind of interruption such as abrupt removal of camera/camcorder memory card from PC, sudden system shutdown or computer reboot etc, while file are being transferred, may result in truncated MOV files.
  • If you use your camcorder’s memory card in different cameras/camcorders or in other devices, it may result in corrupt MOV files. Click on to know about repairing truncated .mov files from camcorders.
  • Often users apply changes on MOV videos due media player incompatibility issues. It is also a considerable cause for truncated .mov videos.
  •  While recording videos, if camcorder gets turn off or recording is interrupted because of any reason, it may lead to MOV file corruption.
  • Sometimes, MOV file may be truncated after recovery operation. Similarly, it may be broken due to improper compression or downloading. Then you need to restore broken MOV files with a good repairing tool.

Along with above mentioned causes, file conversion process is also a considerable factor for truncation of MOV videos. Using QuickTime media player when user converts MOV file to MP4 or to other file format, improper monitoring of conversion process could result in truncated video file. Whatever is the reason for truncated files, you can make it playable again with an effective MOV video fixer. For any help in repair of bad MOV file, go through this link:

If you don’t want to compromise with the valuable information contained in MOV file, it is necessary to choose a proficient repair tool to fix truncated MOV file. Repair Damaged MOV File is one the most trusted application that comes with smart repairing algorithms to repair truncated MOV file on Mac and Windows OS running systems. A reliable utility to fix damaged, truncated, corrupted or inaccessible MOV videos after header corruption, virus infection, incomplete download, media player incompatibility and other issues. Click on to repair truncated MOV file on Windows 8 machine.

Note: Take advantage of this efficient MOV repair app to fix unreadable MOV files. Visit at and make this process easy.

Simple steps to truncated MOV Files:

Step 1: Install this application in you computer and launch it. Then choose a healthy MOV file and truncated MOV file on the main screen and click on "Repair" button.

Repair Truncated MOV File - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: As the truncated MOV file is repaired, you can preview it in this step.

Fix Truncated MOV File - View MOV File

Fig 2: View MOV File

Step 3: Here you can select your preferred location to save that repaired MOV file as shown in below figure.

Repairing Truncated MOV Videos - Save Fixed MOV File

Fig 3: Save Fixed MOV Video