MOV Video File Not Playing

  • A pitch-perfect tool to fix any unplayable MOV videos
  • Video files from camera, computer drives, smartphones, iPods and other devices can be fixed with ease
  • Repairs video file items without affecting the original file structure or the video quality
  • Presents a preview of the video file that is been fixed

How to Fix Unplayable MOV Video Files?

MOV video file not playing? So you are the next one who encountered this problem. Don’t worry; you have a great chance to make MOV video playable. Here you get a smart solution to fix MOV files that are corrupted or unplayable under any circumstances. Do you know why your MOV file is not playing? If you look at reasons you will find numbers are there. Let’s know about circumstances and factors that have the tendency to make your MOV file unplayable. Knowing about MOV file corruption issues will help you in keeping important MOV videos healthy and error-free in the future:

  • You should install the firmware updates on your camera or camcorder regularly otherwise while editing or finalizing recorded video clips, you may encounter errors and left with truncated or damaged MOV video file that will not be playable. Click on to know more about truncated MOV files and relevant solution.
  • While sending or receiving the MOV files if the file transfer process is interrupted because of the ejection of any removable drive or power failure, it may cause the MOV videos corrupted.
  • When the header of MOV video file is damaged, it will become inaccessible or unplayable.  However, it is possible to repair MOV file header and to make it playable again.
  • Sometimes, when the QuickTime media player is not updated, it may be crashed while playing videos and then you left with broken or damaged MOV video file.
  • If MOV video file is saved on the storage drive that is corrupted due to the bad sectors or viruses, you will face the same issue and then need an effective solution to repair the bad MOV files.

Along with these reasons, you can find some more which are solely active to make MOV video file unreadable or unplayable. If you want to keep your favorite MOV files safe and healthy then you must have installed a good anti-virus program on your device. Additionally, saving copies of crucial videos on the different devices is a good option because whenever you suspect the MOV video is not playing, you can make better use of copies as backup. However, you have not saved a backup for MOV videos then move a step ahead and take advantage of advanced technology to repair MOV file. In case if you are receiving messages like "file is incomplete and cannot be played", then make use of this link to fix it:

Repair Damaged MOV file is a recommended app to deal with corrupted, damaged, truncated MOV video files that are not playing on QuickTime, VLC or other media players.  The software offers best features in repairing MOV/MP4 videos files on Mac OS X and Windows operated computers. Irrespective of any reason and level of the corruption, software scans and fix MOV file audio and video data streams and then makes it a playable video. After a click on , you can get information about repairing MP4 files with this app.

Note: Click on and make your damaged MP4 video file playable in a few steps.

Steps to use this application:

Step 1: After installing the MOV Repair tool, launch it to get the main screen. Now, select a healthy MOV video and particular MOV file that is not playing. Then click on the "Repair" option to start repairing.

MOV Video File Not Playing - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: When the MOV file is repaired completely, you can use the preview option to evaluate the repairing result.

Fix Unplayable MOV Video File - Preview Repaired MOV Video

Fig 2: Preview Repaired MOV Video

Step 3: The software allows you to select a preferred location to save fixed MOV video file as shown in below figure 3.

Repair Unplayable MOV Video File - Save Fixed MOV Video

Fig 3: Save the Fixed MOV Video