Fix Windows 8 Mov Files

Simplest Approach for Fixing MOV Videos from Windows 8

MOV file is a common video format often used for most of the people for saving movies, video songs and other video files. The MOV file format specifies a multimedia container file which contains one or more tracks, each of which stores a particular type of stream of data such as audio, video, effects, and textual subtitles. Since MOV files are quite often found on web, to play them on Windows OS, you need to install additional software or convert it to another file format.  However, there are many instances where MOV files get corrupt or damaged when you are converting it from one file format to another. Most often the corruption of MOV file happens due to interruption while writing MOV file to hard drive. When MOV video gets corrupted, eventually it will become unreadable. So in order to access such corruption MOV file, you need to repair it. To accomplish this task easily, you need to make use of good software. Though there are various MOV file repair utilities available in the market, but when it comes to fix MOV files on Windows 8, Repair Damaged MOV File is the finest tool.

MOV is a well-known standard for digital video and digital audio compression. Since most of the digital camcorders use MOV file format to record best moments of everyone’s life, corruption of such valuable MOV files is really frustrating. In case if your MOV file is corrupted due to any of the reasons, then here is an optimum way to restore MOV files within few minutes.

Following are the most common scenarios where MOV files on Windows 8 gets corrupt.

  • The MOV file gets truncated due to interruption while transferring MOV file from computer to any removable storage drive or vice versa.
  • Sometimes while converting MOV file to other video file format, if the conversions process interrupts due to any reasons then there might be chances of MOV file corruption are more. This kind of MOV movie fie corruption can be fixed easily, if you would like to know how then click here
  • Sometimes while playing MOV file on Windows 8, if you shutdown your computer abruptly then it may corrupt MOV file. Sudden power outage can also corrupt or damage header and file structure of MOV file and eventually results in corruption of MOV file.

No matter how severe your MOV file is corrupted on Windows 8, this advanced tool will easily fix MOV files on Windows 8 in few minutes. Apart from MOV file repair, it also mends corrupt or damaged MP4 file. It can be used to mend MP4 and MOV files on all versions of Windows and Mac OS based computers. It can mend camcorder MOV file which can be recorded using professional camcorder brands like Kodak, Canon, Panasonic, Sony etc. Moreover, this tool also repairs MOV files from various storage drives like hard disks, flash drives, USB drives, external hard disks etc which can be accessed though Windows 8 computers.

Note: Utilize this proficient app to repair MOV header in easy steps after a click on

Simple steps to fix MOV files on Windows 8

Step 1: Download and install this trusted software on your computer and then run it to open its main window as shown in below figure.

Fix MOV Files on Windows 8 - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

Step 2: Select sample healthy file and corrupted MOV file and then click on repair option to fix MOV files on Windows 8 as shown in below figure.

Repair MOV Files on Windows 8 - Select Corrupted MOV File

Figure 2: Select Corrupted MOV File

Step 3: You can save the repaired MOV file on any desired location as shown in below figure.

Fix MOV Files on Windows 8 - Save Repaired MOV File

Figure 3: Save Repaired MOV File